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25 Ways to Reduce Stress

Ecclesiastes 11:10 New English Translation

10 Banish emotional stress from your mind and put away pain from your body;

for youth and the prime of life are fleeting.

You can keep stress from building up inside you by employing stress-reduction techniques on a daily basis. Try these strategies to help keep your stress at bay.

1. Share a meal with those you love

2. Take some deep breaths

3. Walk

4. Sing out loud

5. Lie down

6. Have a good cry if you feel like you need to

7. Ask your kids about their day

8. Take a break from your challenges

9. Go out for an evening with your partner or friend(s)

10. Get out into nature

11. Listen to music

12. Let it go

13. Go to the gym to work out

14. Give yourself a break. Remind yourself that nobody's perfect.

15. Talk to someone about your stress

16. Exercise with a DVD

17. Journal your feelings

18. Get lost in a good book

19. Watch your favorite comedy on television or rent a funny movie

20. Call a relative

21. Call a counselor

22. Go to the movies

23. Play with your children

24. Cook something

25. Use visual imagery to watch your stress drain from your body or float up, up, and away

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