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5 Reasons Social Isolation Is Bad For Your Wellbeing

Whenever we think of social isolation we tend to think of feeling sad, anxious, and alone with our thoughts. Most of the consequences are mental in nature, but there are some physical consequences to being alone for extended periods of time that can be very overwhelming to us. All of these consequences can be horrible for our wellbeing and also for our needs, and if left untreated they can get worse.

Here are some of the reasons why social isolation is terrible for your wellbeing, and once you read them you are going to want to redouble your effort to make a friend.

1. It Can Lead To Problems Sleeping

Even whenever you feel sad, you might still have problems going to sleep, and whenever you have trouble sleeping you get sadder. Socially isolated people tend to not only put people off because they are so tired, but they also are too exhausted to make much effort in terms of socializing.

Not only does sleeplessness cause your desire for social interaction to go down, there’s also an effect on people around you. They don’t want to hang out with you because you are so tired. This is a vicious cycle, so don’t be afraid to do whatever it takes to get some sleep.

2. It Can Reduce Your Appearance

After you stay inside for a few days, you might decide to let yourself go. You might wake up in the same clothes you slept in the night before, stop shaving your facial hair or other body parts, and stop taking personal hygiene as seriously. This not only makes you feel bad whenever it comes to how you look and how you feel about yourself, but it also prevents you from being able to go out and meet people.

3. It Can Stop You From Working On Your Goals

One of the things that humans love to do is to be seen. We want to not just work on our goals, but we want people to know that we are working on our goals. We want to be supported whenever we hit a roadblock and we want to be treated well whenever we can cross something off our list.

If we don’t feel like anyone sees what we are working on, that can really kill our motivational drive and then we feel like what we do doesn’t matter.

4. It Can Remove Your Satisfaction For Healthy Things

Whenever you are lonely, you might feel like nothing is worth doing. Even things like going to events, listening to music, or even calling up a friend or family member (all things that can increase your mood or remove your loneliness), just seem dull and boring in comparison to being lonely. Social Isolation can slam the brakes hard on your needs and your motivation, and by not going to some of these events or doing these self care activities, then you just feel more isolated and the cycle continues.

5. It Stops You From Making Meaningful Connections With Others

Finally, social isolation doesn’t just make you feel lonely and sad, but it also makes you used to feeling lonely and sad. It almost becomes comfortable in a way, and you lose the drive and the ability to start making real connections with others whenever they need you to be there for them.

If you aren’t able to start making connections, then you will often have even more trouble overcoming your social isolation. It’s hard, it really is, but that’s why you need to start reaching out and seeing how you can overcome it.

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