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Affirmation: Stressful moments do not blind me from what is true.

I am confident in my beliefs, so stress does not blind me from what I know to be true.

I know, for example, that with the right attitude, mistakes are merely stepping stones to greater things.

I have let go of the idea that I have to get everything right the first time I try.

I let go of the paralysis that comes from expecting perfection and, instead, I am content with putting my best foot forward. Even when I make mistakes, I know that I am moving in the right direction.

I am also confident in the love of my family. We may sometimes disagree with each other, but I know that we are bonded far deeper than any friendship. We will always be there for each other.

Because I know this to be true, I have a solid foundation to rely on in the face of stress.

I also take comfort in the presence of the Divine. While I have much left to learn, I know that my Creator is an ever-present reality in my life. I trust that my Creator will help me create something beautiful and meaningful from whatever challenges come my way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I allow myself to trust the permanent nature of my family's love for me?

2. Do I believe in my own ability to grow from mistakes?

3. Am I allowing the Divine to create something good out of my challenges?

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