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I have the strength to tame my tongue.

I have the strength to tame my tongue.

The power of life and death are in my tongue. With my tongue, I choose to build others up, instead of causing harm. I choose to use my tongue to bless others by speaking words of life.

Whatever I believe in my heart and speak with my tongue comes to pass. Therefore, I believe and speak only positive words. I focus on what makes life joyful.

I am strong enough to overcome the impulse to blurt out words that can do harm. Instead, I exercise wisdom and restraint. I only allow gentle words to flow through my mouth.

My love for peace is more important than my need to be justified by speaking my mind. I am strong enough to keep quiet instead of speaking words that make a situation worse.

There is wisdom in silence. I think before I speak. I choose my words carefully, recognizing the power of my speech. I prudently choose my words to affect every person and situation in my life in a positive way.

I speak with grace. I use respectful language to honor those to whom I speak. I deliver my speech with tact, so others listen to what I have to say. I speak to others the way I would want them to speak to me.

Today, I choose to speak slowly and consider my choice of words carefully. I consider the effect of my words before I speak them and only speak words that have a positive effect on the minds, hearts, and lives of those around me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I speak with grace?

2. When is it best to be silent?

3. Why is it important not to blurt out every thought I have?

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