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Save Money by Being Romantic on a Budget

Tip: Save Money by Being Romantic on a Budget

How much can you save? $100 or More per Date

Making it work:

Many of the common ideas of being romantic are expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little creativity and planning, anyone can create the perfect romantic get together.

Consider these ideas to get you started:

1. Take a hike together. There’s really nothing better than taking a walk together hand in hand. A hike seems like the perfect opportunity to be alone and talk about life. You can both get in better shape at the same time. Depending upon the location, you could even pick some free wild flowers and hand a bouquet to the love of your life.

2. Pull out the board games. It might not seem romantic to play Monopoly. But what if you had candles, cheese, and a decent bottle of wine?

3. Attend a free fine arts event. Concert tickets and parking fees can be expensive. But check out your local newspapers to find some free festivals. With a little effort, you can find an event you’ll both enjoy. A musical festival, an art show, or poetry reading could be really romantic.

4. Find the perfect hole in the wall. Most communities have a quaint, but inexpensive restaurant. The best ones seem to be ethnic, which adds to the charm and romance. An alternative is to cook a romantic dinner together at home.

5. Have a slumber party. Put on your pajamas, make some popcorn, climb in bed, and watch a movie. Not romantic enough? Pick a movie full of romance and pull out the chocolate covered strawberries.

6. Write a love letter. Even in the roughest of financial times, just about everyone has a pen and a sheet of paper. Mail a love letter to your partner’s work or find another way to surprise him with it.

7. Breakfast in bed seems common, but it really isn’t. Have you ever had breakfast in bed? It is often mentioned but many never experience it firsthand. Why not give it a try?

8. Give each other massages. Nobody can say “no” to a massage. Get a $3 bottle of massage oil and you’re in business.

9. Just say, “I love you.” This is always the least expensive option.

Romance doesn’t have to be about money. It’s really about the mood and intention. Try a few of these tips and boost the romance in your relationship as well as your bank account.

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